6 Haptic Gaming Effects That Can Be Created Right Now


The action video game experience is only becoming more realistic as gaming software incorporates intensified haptic interface technology. Now, haptics is an essential component of mobile devices and console controllers, as it's integral to forming a more dimensional user experience. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all use some amount of haptic technologies to immerse their audiences with tactile feedback and bring alive their gaming sessions.

For action video game players who need a reminder, tactile feedback is the vibrating component built into a remote control. These vibrations communicate with the player, signaling anything from getting shot, hitting a home run, or aiming a bow and arrow. 

Currently, the controller serves as the haptic frontier in video games. However, virtual reality also capitalizes on the benefits of heightened tactile feedback and is among the leading adopters.

For a long time, most tactile gaming feedback faced limits, the only haptics available being rumble boxes. These crude haptic motors sometimes made little sense and could even distract from gameplay. However, technological developments now catapult haptic features to a vital status in how users enjoy their favorite games. 


How Haptic Feedback Technology Creates Precise Tactile Effects

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What games have haptic feedback? The answer is most of them. 

Gameplay now incorporates multiple forms of haptic feedback, each type contributing differently. So far, the primary type used in gameplay is called vibrotactile feedback. As indicated by the name, this is a vibration effect. This form of haptics is common in most gaming controllers.

However, specific systems, like Sony, now add elements known as force feedback. This type regulates the pressure a user must exert before completing a command. These features create a more intricate and precise experience by forming a more robust spacial relation. 


Incredible Haptic Effects That Gamers Can Experience With Controllers Today

The performance of the average haptic game controller has come a long way since the rumble pack. Now, companies like Sony pour serious money into research and haptic studies, ensuring they are cutting-edge and constructing remarkable haptic devices. 

The new PS5 haptic feedback performance is unlike any gaming system controller previously invented. They added many new features and even changed the haptic motor to optimize the gameplay's precision and total immersion. 

To put it shortly, these PS5 games with haptic feedback are unrivaled.

Below are a handful of fascinating uses of gaming haptics. These are areas where gamers should begin seeing the results of heightened haptic feedback systems in the future. Of course, many PS5 games with haptic feedback incorporate these effects already, and those with access should see for themselves just how amazing these effects are. 


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1. Trigger Pressure Varying By Gun in FPS Games

First-person shooter games are among the most popular game genres in the world. Sony specifically chose to equip its devices with unique motor control force feedback to switch the amount of trigger resistance depending on the type of gun a user holds. 


2. Immersive Car Racing and Driving

Whether it's NASCAR or Grand Theft Auto, you run into terrain differences when you play car-themed video games. The incorporation of haptic feedback brings out the texture and strain of driving on grass or sand instead of pavement. Additionally, advancements in haptics mean that car sequences will give a user a greater sense of motor control and performance than ever before. 


3. Tension From Drawing a Bow or Pulling a Cord

Certain games like Assassin's Creed showcase characters doing outrageous physical stunts. From drawing bows to pulling cords or climbing a rope, the scope of possibilities with improved haptic feedback is endless. The precision and dynamic range of haptic signals revolutionize the physical experience of games, sending a sense of adventure straight through your fingers. 


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4. Controller Resistiveness To Indicate Athlete Fatigue and Sports Effects

The graphics in sports games continue to grow more realistic, and it's about time that controls catch up. One area where haptic effects are helpful is to help create a natural feel to an athlete's stamina levels. Here, the joystick becomes harder to move as the athlete grows tired or sprints too long. 


5. Shooting Vibrations and Gun Jams

One of the longstanding haptic effects is the repetitive vibration from shooting a gun. These effects will only become more intense and lifelike as haptic motors face quicker processing effects and realistic response times. 


6. Horseback Riding and Galloping

Even from simply watching on a screen, horseback riding conjures up a certain feel. Whether it's a walk, trot, canter, or gallop, haptic technology brings the steady rhythm of a pony's gait with each clack of the hoof. 


Creating Genuine and Precise Haptic Gaming Experiences With Boreas Technologies

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As gaming continues to evolve and improve, the tactile transfer effects from the controller to the gamer become more significant. As significance increases, many speculate about where haptic technology is heading next. 

The likely answer is that the following realm for haptic development comes in piezoelectric motors. While the PS5 controller upgraded the form of motor used in most gaming devices, piezo technology offers better specs. 

Piezo devices improve the overall response time and precision by a wide margin. These improvements are mainly because piezo haptics work in a way that eliminates the traditional mechanical motor/mass setup.

Instead, they use specialized methods known as piezo materials. These unique substances naturally exert an electrical current, which powers the haptic feedback vibration when put under pressure.

The result is a motor that makes a new, heightened range of haptic precision possible, known as high-definition feedback. Ultimately, piezo units deliver a more comprehensive frequency range, more powerful responses and eliminate the bulk and weight of traditional motors. 

Boreas Technologies is a leading brand in developing modern and efficient piezoelectric solutions for those looking to incorporate the best haptics into their devices. For more information on how the use of piezoelectric improves gaming and control devices, visit our product page to learn more about the design of our revolutionary haptic devices. 

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