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What Is a Piezoelectric Haptic Driver?

Finding the right piezo driver can be a tedious task. There are many architectures, sizes and power output for a vast array of applications and not all piezo drivers use the same technology. This article defines what is a piezoelectric driver and what characteristics are best for haptics...

Here's Why Piezo Should Be The Most Used Haptic Technology

Just like sight and hearing with the high-definition television and audio, touch is about to get a big upgrade in electronics thanks to high-definition haptics. Thanks to new technologies, you’ll be able to feel way more than crude vibration from your smartphones, wearables and game controllers.

How Piezoelectric Haptics Can Help You Improve Your Device

This post is an excerpt of our free guide How Piezoelectric Haptics Can Help You Improve Your Device. You can download it for free here. The smartphone revolution that took the world by storm in the last ten years brought multiple new technologies. The biggest one was the introduction of the...