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Why the iOS 16 Keyboard Haptics Is Draining Your Battery

If you run regular iPhone updates, do you ever notice the battery percentage dropping at unprecedented rates after downloading new software? If so, do you know why?

Introducing the Solid-State Haptic Button Interactive Design Layers

Well Designed Solid-State Haptic Buttons Are the Future Solid-state haptic buttons have many advantages over mechanical buttons. First, using haptics doesn't require any moving piece to replicate the feel of a button. Industrial designers can use a seamless phone edge and haptics to replace...

Haptics and VR Explained: How Haptic Technology Is Innovating VR

Haptic feedback technology is taking off in spectacular fashion. From cell phones and automobiles to gaming and wearable tech, haptic technologies improve user relationships with gadgets of all kinds, making them more intuitive, safer, and more engaging.

Haptic Controllers: The Future of Immersive Gaming Experiences

It's been a long time since the Sega Genesis hit the shelves in 1988. However, one thing is for sure. Since then, video game technology hasn't looked back. As the decades roll on, gaming technology continues to develop at a blinding speed, and one area of intrigue is how companies continue to...

6 Haptic Gaming Effects That Can Be Created Right Now

The action video game experience is only becoming more realistic as gaming software incorporates intensified haptic interface technology. Now, haptics is an essential component of mobile devices and console controllers, as it's integral to forming a more dimensional user experience. Sony,...