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Why Haptic Trackpads Are More Than A Trend.

Mechanical touchpads will soon be a thing of the past for Windows laptops.

Fast Growing Mobile eSports Market Requires Better Gaming Smartphones

Over the past couple of years, the popularity of eSports has grown tremendously. It is among the fastest-growing sports genres worldwide. Revenue from global eSports and games is projected to reach at least $1.15 billion by 2025, from $875 million in 2019.

Piezo vs. LRA haptic computer trackpads: Which technology should you select?

Haptic computer trackpads have many advantages over traditional designs. Please read this article if you'd like to learn more about why the trackpad's future is haptic. You'll know why computer OEMs are starting to replace mechanical trackpads with haptic hardware and their benefits.

Are Gaming Phones the Missing Piece for Cloud Gaming Platforms?

How to Build the Perfect Trackpad Click

On August 16, an article in the Windows Central stated that Microsoft had to take the lead on haptic trackpads if they want it to be worth it. It seems that Microsoft has just done that. Windows 11 will offer haptic trackpad configurations. With this technology, we should be able to change the...