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Fast Growing Mobile eSports Market Requires Better Gaming Smartphones

Over the past couple of years, the popularity of eSports has grown tremendously. It is among the fastest-growing sports genres worldwide. Revenue from global eSports and games is projected to reach at least $1.15 billion by 2025, from $875 million in 2019.

How To Build the Best Gaming Phone Buttons

The gaming smartphone segment is a new innovative space where a few OEMs are getting creative with hardware. The main goal is to build the most capable device for gaming while on the go. As a result, we see smartphones with premium specs, innovative cooling solutions, and different approaches to...

Advantages of Smartphones With Haptic Buttons and Why They're the Future

Buttonless smartphone designs are stealing the spotlight nowadays. We are seeing many new devices using haptic buttons to replace mechanical buttons and to seal the frame.

Can Haptics Improve Typing Accuracy on Smartphones?

We’re now used to using touch screens almost everywhere. Many products have seen their design go from physical buttons to touchscreens for input purposes. While touch displays are great for customizing the user experience, they lack the sense of touch, which is really important for humans.